REACT Easy Cutter Mouth Call
REACT Easy Cutter Mouth Call
REACT Easy Cutter Mouth Call
REACT Easy Cutter Mouth Call
REACT Easy Cutter Mouth Call
REACT Easy Cutter Mouth Call
REACT Easy Cutter Mouth Call
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REACT Easy Cutter Mouth Call

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REACT Easy Cutter 3 Reed (Left sided Combo Cut) is a must for the run and gun hunter with its high volume two tone notes and is a favorite to many looking to take calling to the next level.

PRECISION TURKEY HUNTING - For the beginning hunter with less experience, react is as foolproof as turkey calls get. Designed to mimic soft clucks, purrs, yelps and excited cutting. Use this mouth caller to achieve an easier range of sounds.

UNIQUE COMBO SOUNDS - Premium gage 3-reed inverted combo cut gives react a unique range of turkey sounds. Perfect for the more subtle purring that your gobblers will pick up on. For superior volume, let out a quicker burst of air while saying ‘chirp’ for a higher pitch yelp!

CUSTOM DESIGN - The Esh Custom Calls team experienced the wild turkey calls in many states and designed their own line of high-end reed mouth calls and slate turkey pot calls for hunting that help you consistently bag your gobbler.

EASY TO USE - Whether you're a beginner or a pro hunter, these turkey mouth calls make deep-rich seductive hen sounds with excellent volume. Using very little air and expertise, even the new turkey hunter can utilize these expert calls.

ABOUT US - Esh Custom Calls was founded from a passion for hunting the elusive wild turkeys. Each call is carved to the fraction of an inch, sealed in a lifetime sealer, hand assembled and hand tested to give you a hunting call that sounds like a real turkey.

Proper placement of the diaphragm is crucial to success.

  1. Use tongue to position the call against roof of mouth with latex facing forward and keep the tab down.
  2. Be sure you have a good seal on roof of mouth. You may cut the outside edge of tape if needed.
  3. Place the top of your tongue lightly against reed.
  4. Expel short burst of air while saying the word (chirp) to yelp.

WARNING - This product can cause choking.

Keep in cool area and use reed separators in off season.

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