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Long Spur Young Hen 3 Reed (inverted batwing) requires very little air to use and is a great call to use for those spring morning tree calls or for those soft clucks and kee-kees in the fall.

True-Hype Raspy Old Hen 3 Reed (inverted bat-wing w/ rasp slits) is a must for the run and gun hunter with its high volume two tone notes and is a favorite to many looking to take calling to the next level.

REACT Easy Cutter 3 Reed (inverted reverse combo cut) is a user friendly call can do it all from the softest cluck and purrs to the loudest yelps and cutts to locate those distant gobblers.

GET THE MOST SOUNDS - Don't settle for one pitch! Use these three batwing style diaphragm calls to get the widest range of clucks, purrs, yelps, fly down cackles, kee-kees, purrs, and excited cutting.

PREMIUM REEDS AND CUTS - This hunting call combo pack includes Long Spur, Tru-Hype, and React. Each call brings a unique pitch or cut to the table. See description for details.

EASY TO USE - Whether you're just starting out or a pro, these mouth calls make deep-rich seductive hen sounds with excellent volume. Using very little air and expertise, even the new turkey hunter can utilize these expert calls.

ATTRACT THE LARGEST GOBBLER - Use these game calls to imitate real and unique pitches even the wisest old male will be fooled by. Made for beginners and pros alike, these turkey calls for hunting make the widest range of real turkey sounds.

Proper placement of the diaphragm is crucial to success.

  1. Use tongue to position the call against roof of mouth with latex facing forward and keep the tab down.
  2. Be sure you have a good seal on roof of mouth. You may cut the outside edge of tape if needed.
  3. Place the top of your tongue lightly against reed.
  4. Expel short burst of air while saying the word (chirp) to yelp.

WARNING - This product can cause choking.

Keep in cool area and use reed separators in off season.

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